About us

ISPE - International School of Professional Education - Approved learning partner of CIMA, UK. ISPE offers tuition support exclusively for CIMA qualification in India. ISPE offers comprehensive end to end solution for the CIMA qualification which is one of the best professional qualifications of the world.

ISPE is engaged under task oriented and friendly environment; their core area is to focus upon each individual. It is a group of enthusiastic professionals having passion and vast experience to work at one aim i.e. to make people professionally capable and employable here. It is established for the mission of Students development towards Professions. It communicates International Standard Education by justifiable and logical approach.

Apart of professing, ISPE also exerts upon stimulating students to confront them with dynamic environment of corporate body. Its uniqueness is to improve and expound the mind of the students and to yield them efficiently and effectively through granting quality service. Your success is our aim !!

At today’s era corporate world requires well trained and developed person in order to meet up the organisation mission and objective. ISPE vision is to apprehend individuals for the same, to qualify and train them. Our aim is to outturn the student’s output efficiently and effectively.

ISPE’s mission is to inspire continuous learning, knowledge creation, updation and management, and strengthen our relationship with all the stakeholders – be it students, faculties, communities.